Pasture-Raised Poultry


We’re now taking reservations for pastured poultry – chickens and holiday turkeys.

Please send us an email at with how many you’d like to reserve, and a check written to Bakers’ Acres, LLC (36861 Co. Rd. 9, Avon, MN 56310) for $5 per chicken and $25 per turkey. The final balance will be due at pick-up at the farm. Most customers reserve about 5 chickens. We sell out every time, so be sure to get on the list asap!

We plan to raise two flocks of chickens this season, with the first ready approximately June 1 and the second Aug 1. Holiday turkeys will be available approximately October 20.

Here are the details:


• The birds are free to run, fly, stretch their wings, escape a bully, chase bugs, fluff in the dust, etc. They are not caged or raised inside an enclosed barn.
• They roam on our certified organic farm, on pasture (mixed hay, grass, clover – never sprayed with herbicides or pesticides), with their mobile chicken wagon. They can freely move from sun to shade or go inside or outside.
• They’re fed certified organic and transitional organic feed, which is the non-soy version, using peas instead of soy for protein. (We choose the no-soy as one more way to support farmers growing row crops other than corn and soybeans.)
• We do not add any of the optional medications as chicks, nor antibiotics or hormones – the birds are raised as simply as we can possibly raise them.
• The birds are processed at Nelson Shine in Brainerd so we can legally sell them to customers like you!
• Each chicken costs us on average $18 to raise, including feed, processing, the bird as a chick, and transportation to the processor. I share these details with you just so you can really know your food and farmers! We produce the birds for our family, and since we do the work for us anyway, we’re happy to raise birds for our community at the same time. They are large, juicy and delicious!


meatbirds2016 • $4.50 / lb for whole birds (Current and former CSA members pay a discounted rate of $4.25 / lb)
– If you’d like the chickens cut into 8 pieces but packaged together as a whole bird, let us know in your email, and add $0.50/lb (i.e., $5/lb for non-CSA customers, or $4.75/lb for current or former CSA customers).

• Processed at approximately 8-9 weeks old.
• These average 4-6 lb per bird. Total cost per bird is about $17-$27.

Holiday Turkeys

• $7 / lb for whole birds (Current and former CSA members pay a discounted rate of $6.75 / lb).
• Processed at approximately 20 weeks old, just in time for Thanksgiving.
• These average 14-22 lb per bird. Total cost per bird is about $100-150.



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