What’s Growing This Season

Here’s a list of fruit, vegetable, and herb varieties for the 2016 season. We plant certified organic seed and grow our own transplants.

Arugula, Roquette
Asian greens, Yukina Savoy
Asian greens, Totsoi
Asian greens, Red Komatsuna
Basil, Sweet Basil
Beans, Provider
Beets, Detroit Dark Red
Bok choi, White-stalked
Bok choi, Mei Qing
Broccoli, Packman
Broccoli Raab, Spring Raab
Cabbage, green All Seasons
Cabbage, green Gregorian
Cabbage, green Farao
Cabbage, napa Kaboko
Cabbage, red Red Acre
Cabbage, red Ruby Ball Imp
Cabbage, red Red Express
Canteloupe, Hearts of Gold
Carrots, orange Imperator
Carrots, orange Nelson
Carrots, purple Cosmic Purple
Carrots, purple Purple 68
Carrots, red Atomic Red
Carrots, yellow Yellowpack
Carrots, yellow Solar yellow
Cauliflower, Snowball Y
Cauliflower, Veronica
Celery, Tall Utah
Celery, Tango
Chard Mix
Cilantro, Santo
Cucumber, Marketmore 76
Dill, Dukat
Eggplant, Fairy Tale
Endive, Green Curled Ruffec
Fennel, Florence
Fennel, Orion
Kale, Red Russian
Kale, Dwarf
Kohlrabi, Winner
Kohlrabi, Azur Star
Lettuce, Bibb
Lettuce, butterheae Buttercrunch

Lettuce, looseleaf Encore Salad Blend
Lettuce, mini head Australe
Lettuce, mini head Fenberg
Lettuce, red leaf New Red Fire
Lettuce, romaine
Lettuce, romaine Spretnak
Melon, Canteloupe PMR Delicious 51
Mustard greens, Green Wave
Mustard greens, Red Wave
Nasturtium, Kaleidescope Mix
Okra, Clemson Spineless
Onion, bunching Nebuka scallions
Onion, red Cabernet
Onion, red Red Wing
Onion, white Sweet Spanish
Onion, yellow Cortland
Peas, Sugar Ann
Pepper, hot Jalapeno Early
Pepper, hot Hungarian Hot Wax
Pepper, hot Habanero
Pepper, Jalapeno
Pepper, Lunchbox pepper mix
Pepper, red bell Emerald Giant
Pepper, red bell Yankee Bell
Pepper, red bell California Wonder
Pepper, yellow bell Sweet Sunrise
Potato, red
Potato, russet
Potato, yellow
Pumpkin, Jack O’Lantern
Pumpkin, pie Winter Luxury

Pumpkin, pie New Engand Pie
Pumpkin, specialty Queensland Blue
Radicchio, Perseo
Radish, Easter Egg Blend
Rutabaga, American Purple Top
Scallions, Evergreen Hardy
Spinach, Unipack 12
Spinach, Menorca
Squash, summer Spineless Beauty
Squash, summer Sebring
Squash, summer Bennings Green Tint
Squash, winter Carnival
Squash, winter Red Kuri
Squash, winter Delicata
Squash, winter Tuffy – Acorn
Squash, winter Butternut, Waltham
Squash, winter Spaghetti
Squash, winter Acorn, Sweet Reba
Squash, winter Burgess Buttercup
Squash, winter Cha Cha (Kabocha)
Sweet Corn Allure
Sweet Potatoes
Tomato German Johnson
Tomato, grape Agriset
Tomato, grape Red Pearl
Tomato, greenhouse red Arbason
Tomato, heirloom Great White
Tomato, heirloom Green Zebra
Tomato, heirloom Prudens Purple
Tomato, heirloom Moskvich
Tomato, heirloom Heirloom Blend
Tomato, roma Granadero
Tomato, yellow pear Yellow Pear
Turnips Hakurei
Watermelon Sugar Baby
Watermelon Crimson Sweet

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