Community Supported Agriculture

Welcome to the farm! Bookmark this page for future reference – this is where you’ll find information about what to expect through the season, newsletters, and tips for using your box contents.

Welcome Guide for CSA Customers

Use this guide for:
  • Pick-up locations, timeframes, and host contact info,
  • Tips for being a great CSA customer, and
  • Learning about your farmers.
View, download or print the 2018 Welcome Guide for CSA Customers (.pdf). (Updated September 6, 2017)


Delivery Calendar

Download and print your Delivery Calendar at the back of the Welcome Guide (above) to remind you of pick-up dates.


Find the 2017 newsletters here.
Find the 2016 newsletters here.
Find the 2015 newsletter archive here.
Find the 2014 newsletter archive here.


For each box, we have created and found some delicious recipes. Here is the list of recipes organized by item.

Storage & Preservation Tips

Can’t eat all of those tomatoes? Simply freeze them and enjoy them in the middle of winter! Here is a list of storage and preservation tips, organized by item.
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