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I   * commit to a CSA membership from BAKERS’ ACRES, LLC for the 2018 season (mid-June to mid-October). I will receive weekly or every-other-week boxes of produce. I understand the box will vary in weight and crop varieties depending on the season. It is my responsibility to pick up my box at my selected pick-up location during the designated time period. Each location has volunteered their space and we aim to be respectful of their generosity.

I am willing to share with the farmer the risks of organic growing methods such as poor weather, drought, disease, early frosts, pests and crop failure, and reap bountiful crop growth. I understand BAKERS’ ACRES uses growing techniques that aim to protect the harvest, such as growing a wide variety of crops that thrive in different conditions, cover cropping, crop rotation and irrigation.

I understand that although BAKERS’ ACRES follows good handling and agricultural practices, I am responsible for reducing the risk of foodborne illness and will follow safe food handling practices including picking up my box within the allotted timeframe and washing all produce before consumption to prevent contamination. I understand the produce is not necessarily table-ready and I will need to do some additional washing at home.

BAKERS’ ACRES strives for long-lasting and trusting relationships between the farmer, customers and the community. I will read the farm’s “Welcome Guide for CSA Customers.” Being a customer means I agree with the statements above and understand that not only am I supporting a local farmer, I am also supporting sustainably grown food, a more equitable food system, and a more environmentally sound, economically fair and healthy society.

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