Benefits of Buying a CSA Share

Why buy a CSA share from Bakers’ Acres? Here are a few benefits:

  • You know where your food comes from and what’s in it. (And what’s NOT in it.) We avoid using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GMOs.
  • Nutrition. It’s produce – whole vegetables, fruits and herbs. The rainbow your plate needs for your optimal vitamin and nutrient consumption.
  • Food safety. Produce from Bakers’ Acres is planted, harvested, washed, packed and distributed according to a food safety plan.
  • A connection to the land. You share the risk and reward hand-in-hand with your farmer. You will feel nature’s impact on the quality and quantity of produce you receive in your box.
  • Smart business sense. Your CSA purchase helps your farmer pay for seeds, equipment, fuel, etc. up front at the beginning of the season – and know how much food to plant to supply the total number of shares. This lets your farmer avoid using loans to pay for the inputs up front and then repay them at the end of the season after the produce gets sold, and it ensures farmers don’t over-plant for a speculative market. Translation: CSAs let farmers use the right amount of natural resources to supply a known market, avoiding over-production, dumping and unnecessary use of fuel for plowing, disking, tilling, etc. for food that will never be consumed.
  • Food security. When you buy locally, you’re not relying on distribution channels from other states or countries.
  • Community health. When you buy locally, your dollar stays in your community. By buying food from a farmer, your dollar goes from that farmer who buys from businesses in your community.
  • You make a political statement. You are voting with your food dollar for policies that support sustainable agriculture. More importantly, your food dollar is not going to large corporations that source through unsustainable practices.
  • Sustainability. Sustainable farmers use agricultural practices that care for the earth (e.g., by building soil health and conserving topsoil) rather than reaping the land of nutrients and natural water-filtering ecosystems.
  • Less time spent at the grocery store. The box contains everything that’s in season – just pick it up and cook with its contents all week.
  • Easy decision-making. Your box of produce eliminates the question of “What should I cook tonight?”
  • You support your farmer. CSA farmers chose a lifestyle that is not easy and does not bring in excessive income. They typically choose this life in order to care for nature and provide an alternative source of food for their communities – an important responsibility and a way to take a stand and act on these ideas. Your support matters to their livelihood very much.


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