New Faces at the Farm - Lauren

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My name is Lauren and I am one of the new Food Farming and Marketing interns at Bakers’ Acres this spring! Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I am currently in my junior year at the College of Saint Benedict, majoring in Dietetics. I love to eat, discover new food, and to learn about how food grows from the earth.

Food Around the World

Just recently, I traveled throughout Europe for five months and got a taste (literally) of the most flavorful food on the entire planet. My taste buds still reminisce of my last dish of carbonara from Rome, all of the delicious crepes from France, and my first taste of real Swiss fondue. The European culture showed me that the best food comes from quality, natural ingredients that are easily accessible from farmers markets in the community. I was living in a foodie dream world! I am so excited and beyond grateful to work with the certified organic produce from Bakers’ Acres and learn where quality food comes from in Central Minnesota.

Eating Seasonally Takes Discipline!

I want to use my internship to promote the development of more simplistic and sustainable food systems built on a “whole food” philosophy. The local food movement here sure is cooking (…pun intended!), so I’m looking forward to showing the local community the joy of not only knowing where your food comes from, but also what it means to eat seasonally and how to cook and make food that tastes delicious.

Longing for Food That Actually Contains Nutrients

I am interested in learning about sustainable food systems and how they work to benefit the public health of local communities. Everyone deserves to enjoy nutrient-dense food produced in the most sustainable way possible. We don’t all need to rely on conventional agriculture, the number one polluter contributing to climate change, and the processed, unhealthy, and inefficient food choices it offers.

Career Exploration through Food

Much of my life’s memories are surrounded by food, which has connected me with other strong passions, like my love for being outside. Any meal cooked over the campfire and enjoyed with family is always a delicious treat. My love of the outdoors and interest in the environment has led me to think strongly about future career goals. With a career working in food systems or nutrition-related field, I hope to shape incentives for future farmers to grow different crops in their rotations other than corn, soy and alfalfa, in order to restore the soil and provide more seasonal fruits and vegetables for the community.

On the Farm

I have been graced with the opportunity to work alongside Lisa Baker as well as my fellow Bennie, Laura. I look forward to the fun challenges of cooking recipes with Laura and working together to gather recipes for our customers’ CSA boxes, digging in the dirt this growing season, and more! Working with Lisa, I hope to gain perspective on her philosophy of growing quality, flavorful food and learn just how her decision to grow organically is supporting a greater effort to create a healthier, more diverse array of calories for our communities.


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