Mid-semester Update from Maddy!

Hello friends of Bakers’ Acres,maddy

Maddy again, just wanted to update you on what I have been up to lately:

Throughout the past month, Joe and I have finished up much of the marketing and computer work and moved on to more hands-on work with our increasingly beautiful weather. Although I have been looking forward to working outdoors all semester, the knowledge and experiences I have gained from working with Lisa have been immeasurable. I can say for certain I am no marketing expert yet, but I can definitely work my way around a communication plan, creative brief, website content management software, and the process of producing a welcome guide for CSA customers. Working as a team to create and use these communication and marketing tools this semester has given me the basic knowledge and an understanding of the importance of them to ensure the success of a business.

With just recently completed fruit and vegetable storage and preservation tips for CSA customers, I had the opportunity to do some content management in WordPress by posting them on the website myself. This was a helpful experience because it is not something they teach you in school but is surely part of any job. In addition, I attended two Sustainable Farming Association-sponsored events where I sat in on many discussions related to farm-to-school, greenhouses, and post-harvest handling. The things I learned are not only useful for gaining more information about the business and lives of people involved and passionate about sustainable agriculture, but it has also fostered thoughts of my own as I decide what is important to me when it comes to agriculture. These experiences have given me a slight glimpse into the complexity of the system.

With the warm weather bringing an early spring, Joe and I were able to head out to the farm in our muck boots – or in Joe’s case, Crocs and shorts – to work with Lisa in the hoop house to start seedlings. Playing in the dirt was a ball for me. Joe and I both planted cabbage, peas, lettuce and other yummy things to start the season off. I loved being able to visualize behind the scenes of what goes into getting people their food. The preparation and dedication that farmers have is something I admire and am excited to teach others about.

Sunshine and Rain,


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