Laura's Mid-Semester Farm Internship Update

Hello Bakers’ Acres friends,LauraApril2

Here’s what I’ve been up to on the farm in the past month and a half.

In full disclosure, all Lauren and I want to do is get our hands into the dirt in the hoop house and feed the cows delicious pumpkins leftover from last autumn. We’ve been having fun at the farm, especially when last year’s intern Maddy comes to visit and makes work time feel more like play time! However, I can assure you that I’ve also been enjoying my time learning marketing and communication skills as well.

The practical skills that I have been exposed to while interning for Bakers’ Acres have been numerous. They include working my way around a creative brief, managing a web-based content management system, learning to draft a press release, developing much more effective writing skills, and understanding that work can be really fun when you’re excited about what you’re doing.

One of the most valuable things that I’ve learned so far is that sustainable agriculture is really important to our communities. It promotes not only a healthier way of eating, but also a sense of responsibility and intentionality when it becomes time to prepare your meals.  After being immersed in this internship experience, I feel as though I’ve been given a small glimpse into what it takes to run a successful CSA business.

In adding to the list of opportunities I’ve been given this semester, I attended various presentations at the Sustainable Farming Association Annual Conference and the Farm-to-Institution Networking Event, I cooked my own recipe with fresh ingredients from the Minnesota Street Market, and I have been receiving a lot of information about the current food sourcing at CSB Culinary Services. I plan to dive deeper into understanding what it will take to get more locally sourced food into my school’s dining centers.

Here’s to the continued preparation of another delicious and organic CSA season at Bakers’ Acres! Only a few short months until boxes are ready . . .

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