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There are many reasons why Bakers’ Acres is doing what it’s doing as a sustainability-focused farm, but having one guiding ideology is essential to ensure we stay true to our big dreams and intentions. Here is our purpose statement that stands behind what we aim to do every day:

Bakers’ Acres recognizes a lost reverence for nature and the inspirational and aspirational qualities of a fulfilled life.

We invite our community to connect with quality food and experiences surrounding food, with the intention to serve the health of the mind, body and land.

Through our stewardship experiences, we hope to ignite exploration of what it means to give back to our world at the same time we take from it, eliminating striving for all but a neutral and natural existence.

We believe the simple and aware life is a good one.

About The Farm

Bakers’ Acres, LLC is a certified organic 15-acre farm located in Avon, MN. The farm sells produce to individuals through our CSA program, as well as to co-ops and restaurants in the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota. We also raise livestock including pastured poultry, pastured eggs, and grass-finished beef. The farm is a Minnesota Agriculture Water Quality Certified Farm and a member of the Land Stewardship Project, the Sustainable Farming Association, and Minnesota Grown.

The operation began in 2010 with the conversion from a conventionally farmed rye field into certified organic growing methods. CSA shares began in 2012. Lisa and her parents support the farmwork, along with a handful of hired seasonal workers.

The farm hosts participation days, events, and on-the-farm culinary productions as part of its mission to connect people with the land. The farm is also active in educational activities, policy and community-building initiatives to help promote restorative agriculture and sustainable food systems.

In the Media


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  • Sartell Schools produced a series of short videos to help students learn where their food comes from – You Tube, September 2013 (Link)

  • One of our mid-season CSA boxes was featured by Minnesota Grown – Pick of the Month newsletter, August 2013 (Link) (PDF)
  • “Living the good life at Bakers’ Acres” by Bryan Zollman, Sauk Herald’s Country Acres, June 2013 (Link)

Lisa Baker Bio

Lisa is owner of Bakers’ Acres, LLC, a 15-acre certified organic family farm in Avon, Minnesota. The farm grows vegetables for a 70-customer CSA and small-volume wholesale accounts including 10 restaurants and food co-ops in the Twin Cities and Central Minnesota areas. The farm also sells a small amount of grass-finished beef and pastured poultry for direct sale, plus a small amount of eggs from pastured hens for wholesale and direct sale. Lisa began farming in 2012 and has increased production each year, aided by education and mentorships via the Land Stewardship Project’s Journeyperson program completed in 2016. The farm is also Minnesota Agriculture Water Quality Certified and member of the Land Stewardship Project, the Sustainable Farming Association, and Minnesota Grown. Lisa is a former ServSafe instructor and currently maintains ServSafe and Food Manager Certification with the Minnesota Department of Health.

Lisa also serves as:

  • Marketing Director for the Sprout Growers & Makers Marketplace and Food Hub in Little Falls;
  • Workshop instructor for the Minnesota Institute of Sustainable Agriculture, teaching farmers about post-harvest handling and food safety on their farms, and author of the “Harvest Crew Handbook” and poster series, materials that help farmers train their employees;
  • Produce Manager and Buyer for the Minnesota Street Market food and art co-op in St. Joseph;
  • Chapter Coordinator for the Sustainable Farming Association; and
  • Election judge for Avon Township.

Lisa has a Master’s degree in Human Development with an emphasis on servant leadership and using ethnography for branding and marketing, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Communications and Gender & Women’s Studies. She has 10 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies including Ecolab and Cigna in External Relations, Corporate Communications, Product Marketing, and Marketing Communications management, specializing in health and well-being products.

Lisa owns Elbie Marketing, LLC, a marketing, communications and productions firm serving clients including Mortenson Construction’s Center for Sustainable Energy, Drive Thru Productions, Silver City Photography, OTG, Chef Marshall O’Brien, and Patrick Pierson Film.

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